Love Letter

We slander your name
Yet You know us by name
We turn our back on you
You leave the 99 to find 1

We doubt your grace
You cover us with your blood
We get lost in insecurity
You give us freedom

We get caught up in the past
You give us the gift of your presence
We face a challenge
You turn it around for our good

When we feel not enough
You show us that you’re enough
When we feel alone
You give us your Spirit

We feel shame and guilt
You pour grace and mercy
Whenever the devils lies
Your truth prevails

We see ugly and unworthy
You see beautiful and wonderfully made
We feel stuck and in bondage
You break the chains and set us free

When we are filled with fear
You are our shield
We feel dirty and used
You make us new, white as snow

We don’t deserve any of it
But you created us for your purpose
You came to earth to die for us
You cleared our slate before
We ever fell short

We are eternally grateful
We fall at your feet
We lay everything we have down
We need you, nothing else

When we get caught in a storm,
You carry us through
You bring us to the other side
Then you use everything we faced
For our own good, over and over again, it never fails.

We are as good as the scum of the earth,
you remind us that we are your perfect creation
You remind us that you don’t make mistakes
that you formed us in our mother’s womb for your purpose, so we can carry out your name to this world, this broken, lost, conformed world.

You love us unconditionally,
even though we continuously doubt you
You fill us with ever surpassing peace
even when we forget you as our first love

You give us a new identity one that is cleansed completely, pure, blameless,
unique in every way, gifted and talented
for your works, worthy, beautiful,
blessed, saved, loved, forgiven,
grace-lavished and accepted as we are.

What did we ever do to deserve you father?
How can we repay you God?
But to fall on our face and praise you
To sing your praises and worship you
All the days of our lives

Bow down to our king of kings
Our Lord of Lords
Read your word daily and obey
Thank you Jesus, for your love,
mercy and grace forevermore :raised_hands::skin-tone-2:

Sometimes we write love letters to our friends, to our significant others, even to our parents or family members. But sometimes we should stop and imagine our Heavenly Father could accept mail in heaven and write Him, our creator, the one who made us white as snow regardless of the dirt we were in, a love letter.This is from us to our Lord and Savior, maybe you can carve some time out from the business and do the same!

– written by Lori Abadjian

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